Bananabreadtour Rocklands – Part II

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Bananabreadtour Rocklands – Part II

This year was the third time I have been to Rocklands in a timespan of 5 years. The previous trips weren´t any shorter and as a result of being a little burnt out on the classic areas the main objective was to discover the newly developed sectors. It often included a lot of hiking around without actually climbing something. But somehow that turned out to be equally exciting. The video features just a minority but gives a good impression of how different, stylewise and rockwise, Rocklands can be.
Most of the boulders in this part have not yet any appearance in other videos.


Rooibos Everywhere 7B [0:22]
Zone Principale 6C [2:48]
Barracuda 8A [4:12]
Brain Rapist 8A+ [4:44]
Hear No Evil 5C [5:57]
Cerval Pallsy 7C+ [6:54]
Zanzibar 7B [8:20]
Trust Me I’m An Engineer 7C+ [9:12]
The Cuboid 7b [11:23]

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