Bananabreadtour Rocklands Part I

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Bananabreadtour Rocklands Part I

Part one of this years Rocklands trip shows a great variety of boulders from 6 different sectors, old and new ones. Along with some crazy highball first ascents the video packs our main projects, in which we invested more time as usual.

A majority of the footage was captured with Raw-video, meaning our camera provided the highest resolution possible.
For climbers the weather is always an important factor, what led us to SA in the first place. But even if I experienced worse conditions in SA I couldn´t help but notice the dryness and raised temperatures compared to previous years. In general human beings can´t sense changes in climate as that happens in bigger periods. I can not tell if that has changed with the option of permanently being able to look up the weather getting discrete temperature values and not having to rely on how your body feels.
But as both sources tell me that something is changing I won´t shut my eyes from it. Climate change is real and the problem won´t solve itself.

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