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I always strived to reach perfection in a single athletic act but I soon realised that what really intrigued me was how the body was connected to the mind. In this short film I try to explore this thin barrier between movement and psychology. I want to represent visually what goes on in a persons mind when they are lost in an act of athleticism, breaking down the barrier between the two. Aisthan, the protagonist, is a name derived from the ancient greek word Aisthanomai which, in short, means to perceive perception. The protagonist uses tightrope walking as a medium to experience the world and ultimately learns something about himself. I created this short film as a metaphor of life, or more precisely as a cycle in life, it represents calm instances, obstacles and all the emotions involved with overcoming them. KK

SYNOPSIS: Aisthan faces his inner self, oscillating over a void with grace and caution…eventually completing a cycle in life.

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