8B First Ascent and more – Bouldering in Wales

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8B First Ascent and more – Bouldering in Wales

This week we follow Jim Pope, Aidan Roberts, and Tim Blake on a couple of days out around North Wales. By now I’m sure everyone knows Jim and Aidan, but for those who don’t know of Tim Blake, he a bit of a dark horse in the UK bouldering scene, having climbed a number of the hardest problems in both Wales and Northumberland.


  • Skadoosh 7A+.
  • The Shield 8A
  • Pringle 7C FA
  • Isles of Wonder Sit Attempts
  • Pint Sized 7B FA
  •  Nut Stash 7B+
  • Hustled Sit Project 
  • Hustled 7B+
  • Hustled Sit 8B FA
  • Fiddled 7C
  • Badger Parade 7C+
  • Lightweight 7C+
  • 50 Shades of Grey 7A+ FA
  • Grey House 7C+


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