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Building a Homewall with Paige Claassen

„We’re settling into month five of the Covid-19 pandemic, and we’ve seen homewall popping up in every free inch of space in garages, basements, storage units, and even closets. Having the space and resources to build a home wall is certainly a privilege. The video below should give you a good starting point for assembling your home wall, but I also wanted to offer a few tips if your space is limited or the cost of holds is a barrier.

Wir haben uns vor geraumer Zeit mit Benjamin Hartmann ( Trainer des Japanischen Boulder National Team) getroffen und uns die wichtigsten 10 Punkten, die man beim Bau solch einer eigenen Trainingswand beachten sollte, erklären lassen.  –siehe Link

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Video-Link: https://youtu.be/tbLb9LcvJ3s
  • Credits Text Paige Claassen, Kletterszene.com
  • Credits Fotos Paige Claassen
  • Beitragsdatum 18. Januar 2021